Timely Estate Planning Technique for Ocala Farm and Equine Owners May 8, 2018

Considering the potential Coastal Connector Alternative Corridor Evaluation(ACE) Proposals, could have a negative impact for Marion County property and business owners, you may be thinking about selling all or a partial sale of your property prior to  government property interruption (Eminent Domain). Property values including residences may depreciate as I experienced this in New Jersey.  You may find it worthwhile to have a discussion with a competent CFP professional and tax advisor as to some estate planning options.

If you have pent-up taxable capital gains you may want to explore  some Charitable Planning strategies that can benefit you as well as your chosen Charities to minimize capital gains taxes and create a memorable legacy.

This is a strategy that helps to minimize capital gains taxation and can benefit your community or passion in making a Charitable bequests as soon as implemented. The Gates foundation and others do this frequently to help charitable organizations and provide tax relief as well. I welcome your call should you like to have a discussion as to some resourceful Estate planning and tax strategies. You can  view http://www.flretire.com as to my blogs for further information and or seek Fidelity Charitable.org and SEI Charitable Relationships for further information. I am affiliated with both entities.

Tom Cooper CFP, CPPT

Author: tcooper1953

I have been helping clients pursue their financial goals since 1983. As a CFP, Trustee and a Fiduciary, it is my objective and responsibility to direct those I serve to diclose various options in planning for Income management, Tax management, Risk managment, Investment management, Retirement and Health care goals.

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